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Why is God allowing the coronavirus outbreak?

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Why does God allow cancer? Why does God allow difficult and painful childbirth? Why does God allow kidnappings? Why does God allow sex trafficking? Why does God allow unemployment and economic depressions? Why does God allow natural disasters? Because we live in a fallen world. We live in a world infected with sin. A world infected with sin is going to allow the devil to have a greater measure of power than is ideal. Thankfully us as believers do not put our hope in this fallen world and all it has to offer. Our hope is in Christ alone, and our inheritance is eternal life. "...I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me, though he die, yet shall he live." --John 11:25

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I don't think God is allowing the Corona to outbreak, but the fact is that the coronavirus is caused by man's own fault and is spreading by man's own negligence. If we admit our mistake and make amends, we can not only stop the spread of Corona but also eliminate it.

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